Welcome to HDB Construction.

We believe in an honest day's work for an honest day's pay. We are committed to excellence in business; having been awarded the Kansas Minority Contractor of the Year and SBA's Small Business Person of the Year four times. We believe our performance on the job speaks for itself. We have a knowledgeable staff and we believe in getting the job done right the first time.


HDB Trucking was founded by Walter J. Harrison, Senior in 1958. Presently in its 6th decade, HDB has over 170 years of combined trucking supervisory experience and the fleet of trucks to move nearly any type of construction material to the job in a safe timely fashion.

With over 20 end dumps, belly dumps, barrel and flat bed trailers and off road vehicles, HDB can deliver anywhere you want and or need your construction materials. You Call we Haul.

Heavy Excavation

HDB Excavation, excavated, hauled and place over 800,000 cubic yards of rock, Pea Gravel and Sand in the construction and creation of a 1,500-foot long inland clear water beach on the Table Rock Lake in Branson Missouri.

In addition, HDB excavated, hauled, placed and constructed a one million cubic yard earthen building pad for the then most modern and technologically advance alternative fuel (Ethanol) generating Plant in America, located in Garnett Kansas. Utilizing an advanced train tri-pan Scrapper, HDB was able to meet a challenging schedule, which required the most exacting compliance with specification’s that rivaled adherence to advanced space age technology. Mission accomplished.


Dealing with continual threats to military personnel, the removal of World War vintage building and loggings for the United States military became priority one for the Department of Defense. HDB was brought in to demolish and clear away old barracks and support structures to make way for new and modern buildings that would keep the modern soldier safe and accommodate the new training and housing challenges of the 21st Century.

Construction Management

“A Dollars worth of work for A Dollars worth of Pay”, HDB Construction, Clearly understand that the need for performance and production. As a result HDB has mastered the connection between Scheduling and Field performance. HDB has just completed the renovation, upgrade and restoration of roads, water, electrical system and sanitary system Seven lakes and Ten Parks in two states. All the while keeping the parks open for Public use. HDB coordinated the many different disciplines and subcontractors along with our own forces to insure quality and timely completion and re-opening of each park.

All work was done under the direction and oversight of the United States Department of Defense and the Army Corps of Engineers.